Favorite Things in Kagoshima, Japan

Just sharing with you some of my favorite things about Kagoshima, Japan. Many of these things are found elsewhere but still wanted to share them because they are still things that I like about Kagoshima. 🙂

  • Spring flowers
    What’s not to love about spring, when you get to see things like cherry blossoms. Granted, pollens are a byproducts of these lovely flowers and this awesome season we call spring, but it’s kind of worth it, right?

  • Koi fish
    I love the red, orange, white ones, I love them all!
  • Traditional Music
    I must admit, I don’t know any modern Japanese music (especially not any j-pop), but every time I go to a festival or to an event and I hear the instruments and vocals on traditional sounds, I just love it!

  • Festivals
    Seeing young and old souls celebrating their beliefs, it’s so refreshing! I hope that countries continue to hold on to their traditions like this.

  • Parks
    I love parks because each neighborhood has its own park and they’re always a good time for our daughter.

  • Fun elevator doors
    Instead of seeing that boring silver, it’s always nice to see fun pictures on an elevator door.

  • Squatting toilet
    Yes, my name is Amina and I like squatting toilets, especially when I was pregnant. OK,  it was hard getting back up, when pregnant, but thank God for that bar to pull myself up. Honestly, the squatting toilets feel like the natural way of “letting things go.”

  • Cute buses
    I see Pikachu buses, Hello Kitty buses, some other anime buses, and it’s always fun to watch them pass by.

  • City trams
    One of the most convenient ways to travel around Kagoshima city, city trams are just an affordable way to travel!

  • Car Parking design
    I love that everywhere you go in Japan, they find interesting ways to hide cars, underground, overhead, and they have such complex machinery to stack cars on top of each other. It’s just cool in my opinion.

  • Mostly everyone rides bicycles
    I like that a lot of persons ride bicycles here. I feel as if in The Bahamas, people will think that you’re poor if you’re riding your bicycle to and from work.

  • Pressing the button to cross the road
    I like that because I’m not used to it.
    I also love it when the light turns green for pedestrians, the lady talks and tells persons that it is now safe to cross the road. It’s perfect for visually impaired persons.

  • Shinkansen
    They’re fast, convenient, comfortable, and feel like airplanes. What’s not to like!

  • The way buildings are constructed
    I love how they put these “sheets” up while they’re building. I’m guessing that it’s so that the dust doesn’t affect the surroundings but aesthetically it looks good and it’s great when the sheets finally come down. It’s like a pleasant surprise.

  • House architecture
    I like the modern and the traditional architecture, but I like the traditional looking houses better. I especially like the roofing and the gardens which usually has cloud trees.

  • Seeing Sakurajima from almost anywhere in Kagoshima
  • Seasons
    I love seeing the definite variations in seasons. I especially love spring and fall seasons. 

  • Tasting food before buying
    Also self-explanatory!

  • Beef croquettes
    I can seriously, seriously eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve had some really, really bad ones though, but the good ones were really memorable and I’m salivating right now just thinking about them.
  • Mos burger
    They do hamburgers the way I wished Mcdonald’s would. You know what, Mos Burger’s burger (with all the juicy onions and all) and McDonald’s fries would be a perfect lunch for me. Oh and don’t forget the lemon ice tea.
  • Vending machines
    Are you kidding me? Have you not seen the vending machines in Japan? I saw one that had hot dog sandwiches in it! How amazing is that?

  • Baby cars in stores
    They’re so cute, and they have some pokemon / hello kitty/ doraemon/ anpanman themed. Kids just love them. 

  • Sales
    No explanation needed! 

  • Temples and shrines
    Each shrines has its own history, its own reason for being. It’s always interesting to me.
  • Calligraphy
    It’s an art. It truly is. I would imagine that most Asians are visual learners because many different Asian languages have such intricate writings. 

  • Cash on delivery
    You mean to tell me that I can buy something online and have it delivered to me… AND all I have to do is pay when the delivery man brings it? Cash on delivery, where have you been all my life! 

  • Conbini
    In these stores, you can buy bleach, bentos, masks, use the ATM machines, print, fax, scan, and read magazines.

  • Magnet toys
    Good stress relievers in my opinion!

  • Everyone reads
    People on the trains, buses, in malls, restaurants, children, senior citizens… everyone reads constantly!

  • Coconut oil
    Name me a body part that coconut oil is not good for!

  • Earrings
    Although the majority of the earrings I like here are clip-ons, I just like to admire them. I don’t wear clip-ons, they hurt my ear every time I try them. Too tight.

  • Bath towels
    Not just any bath towels, the ones with a slight scrub feel to it. 

  • Cleanse and smoothies
    They’re healthy! Filled with vitamins and minerals!

  • Baby carriers
    The best way to travel with any child under 2 years is with a baby carriers. Plus, it rocks them to sleep on those rough days.

  • Farmer’s Markets
    Cheapest ways to buy fruits and vegetables.

  • 100 yen shops
    I mean, the stuff costs 100 yen! I bought all my dish ware from these shops, as well as makeup tools, last minute halloween costumes and envelopes.

  • Ferris wheels
    Wait… is there a person alive that doesn’t like ferris wheels?

  • Rainy days
    Riding my bicycle, with the water drops just beating against my face, feels so good! And of course, our daughter loves to “jump in muddy puddles” like Peppa Pig.
  • Nurseries
    They’re super convenient!

  • Pork ramen
    I’ve tried some other ramen but I like this one the best, so far!

  • Hamburger from Dining Mebuki

    Have you not seen this burger! It tastes like how Mos Burger’s burgers would taste if they were done for royalty!
  • Oysters
    The oysters from Hiroshima are the best, and how ironic that I’ve had them in Kagoshima.

  • Waffle sandwichesI love waffles, and I like egg salad, so both together, just work, in my opinion. 
  • My family
    Leila was conceived and born in Kagoshima so that makes Japan very special to us. My husband and my daughter are my best friends, sometimes my only friends, and I love them more than anything.
  • Chocolate sushi
    I’m kidding, there’s no such thing… or is there?

4 thoughts on “Favorite Things in Kagoshima, Japan

  1. So this is where you are! Every so often you run across my mind and I’m like she’s not on any social media… then I remembered that you did have a website and now videos, very cool! Your daughter has gotten so big! I have to check out some of your videos now. Hope you all are well 🙂

    1. Hey Casha! Welcome! haha, but yes, I’m blogging a little just because I don’t want all these good memories to just stay in my head.
      Hope that you’re doing well! I appreciate you stopping by! Update me on your life when you can!

      1. Your blog and vlogs are very nice. And you have something you can look back at years from now. What’s your email address? As we approach our birthdays, there are changes this season for me. 🙂

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