Laser Hair Removal in Japan

So Keno has been getting her chin and cheekbone facial hair removed for over a year now. He actually bought a package of 10 treatments and we recorded his 9th visit. He’s been going every month or so, in order to give new hairs time to form so that he can maximize his treatments and kill as many hairs as possible. Getting the surgery was important for him because when he shaved his facial hair, he would have enormous, cystic bumps that were very hard and painful. These bumps were also off-putting to any stranger that may look at him. But since he got the laser treatment, he’s been feeling much better. He used to use tea tree oil on his face to soothe the razor bumps, but not he doesn’t even need to, anymore. So that’s awesome!

In the video, below, you can see the procedure.

They use a laser called Nd:yag laser which happens to be one of the best lasers for dark skin tones.

It’s actually quite difficult to find a laser hair removal treatment that works efficiently for darker skin tones (black people, dark Asians/Indians, etc, and Hispanic skin tones). the ND yag laser was said to have the most optimum wavelength to attack the hair follicles without trying to attack the melanin in the skin at the same time.

In fact, dark skin tends to absorb the laser more than light skin, so that would mean that the laser will think that it should be attacking the epidermis/skin. But this laser ( Nd:YAG ) can enter the skin much deeper than other lasers because its wavelength is much longer so it will skip over the skin (so to speak) and go straight for its target which in this case, is the hair follicle. Usually, darker skin tones still need to use a lower setting than lighter skin tones, and of course, ice must cool the skin to avoid too much damage to the skin.


Many thanks to Kagoshima Mitsui Chuo Clinic (鹿児島三井中央クリニック) for allowing us to record! 😅


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