New students at Kagoshima University!

For newly arriving students, the first thing on your schedule is usually a placement test. This placement test is just to better assist you in choosing which level of Japanese to start with. When I came, I knew no Japanese so I was exempt from the test and started Japanese classes from the Beginner’s classes. Some persons are avid Japanese students and would be better suited for intermediate or even expert classes.

Following the placement test, usually a day later, there is orientation. Orientation is where you get to meet all the foreign students that came during the same time as you. Remember those names and faces as they will most likely be in some of your Japanese classes. So during the orientation, you get to meet some Japanese teachers, and you get acquainted with one or two clubs.

Shortly after the orientation, you get to begin your Japanese studies. Usually students on the MEXT scholarship, get to spend the first 6 months as Japanese students, then during the following 6 months, they are considered Research students. Finally, they officially begin their degree a year after arriving.

Good luck!

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