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In the video below, I show you our experience at Studio Alice, one of the major photo studios in Japan. It is especially used for special occasions, and we used the fact that it was our daughter’s birthday to treat her to a day of dressing up as Disney princesses as well wearing a kimono.

So, at Studio Alice, they do family portraits, birthdays shoots, traditional kimono pictures, shichi go san packages, which is for 7, 5 and 3 year-olds.    

When we came, we saw a few babies getting their pictures taken, they were so cute! The energy that the staff had was just amazing. I just don’t think I have it in me to keep up. That’s truly admirable!   

Then I had to fill out some more paperwork. The lady that helped us had a book prepared with notes that she took the day before. She got ready for any possible questions we would have on that day. Whenever we asked her a question, she would just switch to another page and show us the answer. She was really prepared. Now that’s customer service!

After that, I was shown all the costumes she would try on  and we decided on the order in which we would be taking the pictures. We decided to add a kimono to the mix because, why not! It’s included in the package. I think that was her first official time wearing an actual kimono. Leila got to pick the Kimono that she liked, so that was good. She picked the most colorful one in her eyes. The orange one.

There is a dressing room, where no men are allowed. There is also a breastfeeding room. And in the dressing room, they had wigs, brushes, hair wax, hair spray, headbands.

We were assigned a locker and the staff had a lovely note on the door for us. It was pretty cute.

So after we put our stuff away, it was time to get all dolled up. The wait was about 5 minutes for the first photoshoot as they were juggling between 6 different children.

The staff used different toys to make Leila laugh and giggle Then were quite skilled at making children laugh. And maybe I’m biased, but the pictures turned out really, really great! I thought she was so, so cute in those outfits.

At the end, we got free tabi socks that she wore, and also a Disney comb and brush set.

Then, we had to pick which pictures we wanted in the Disney photo book. That was pretty hard. We liked about 85% of the pictures we took on that day. 

We were charged 1000 yen for the Disney logo and rights to use in the photo book.

At the very end, we paid, said goodbye and 2 weeks later, we got the photo book and keychains.


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  1. I am sorry for my English.

    Nice to meet you
    I live in Kagoshima city.
    My name is nao sako.

    I read Felia (free paper).

    A few years ago I visited the Bahamas with my husband on a trip.
    I was surprised at Bahamas because there are few Japanese people.

    To us who can not speak English
    Everyone in the Bahamas was kind enough.

    We appreciated very much and we started to like the Bahamas.

    When reading Felia
    I was very surprised to know that the Bahamas are in Kagoshima in the country.

    I was very happy.

    Best wishes for your continued good health, happiness

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I looked at your blog site, and it was so nice seeing the pictures of the Bahamas. Thank you so much for sharing your trip! If you ever go back to The Bahamas and I’m there, I would love to show you different places in the Bahamas!

      Best wishes to you and yours, as well! ^_^

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